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Andréas is well known around established international workshop events and festivals. Additionally, many dancers seek him out for private classes. He offers a variety of online classes Besides teaching international workshops and giving privates, Andréas also offers a variety of online classes and video analysis feedback. Most recently, you can find him teaching weekly donation-based live stream classes. Please check his calendar for upcoming events.

Contact Andreas for more information or if you have any questions.


Virtual privates

Virtual private classes are intended for 1-3 students, over a live-streamed video. Andréas can give you feedback on your dancing, clean up your basics, give you ideas on how to practice or just help you with those details that are hard to pick up during a normal class. Contact Andréas for more information and availability.


30 min – 50 Euros

45 min – 70 Euros

60 min – 80 Euros

Video Feedback

Video feedback sessions are designed for individuals or couples. Send Andreas a video of you social dancing, practicing or competing, along with a short description containing the following:

-what you would like to improve

-what you are currently working on 

-what your practice opportunities look like. 

Based on your desired outcome, Andreas will review the video and provide you with a minimum of 5 areas of focus, including suggestions on how to practice. This will take place either in writing or in an online discussion, to be determined by all parties involved. 


60 Euros

Virtual group class

Gather some friends and organise an online virtual group class designed to fit your exact needs. Contact Andréas to discuss details, availability and cost.


Andreas coaches individuals and couples. You might be seeking improvement as a social dancer, a competitor, a teacher or all of these aspects of your dancing. Activities include video feedback, virtual private lessons and a personalised practice strategy plan. Contact Andreas for more information and availability.


International workshops

Hire Andreas for a weekend workshop or for a longer event! His areas of expertise are Balboa, Slow Balboa, Solo Balboa, Lindy Hop, Saint Louis Shag and Authentic Jazz. He is also well versed in leading weekend workshops for dance instructors.


Regular teaching partners are Olga Marina (RUS), Jennifer Lee (USA), Moe Sakan (JAP/UK), Gio Olla (SWE) and Mette Herlitz (SWE). Contact Andréas for more information, terms and availability.


Ask Andréas for a private class. He can give you feedback on your dancing, clean up your basics, give you ideas on how to practice or just help you with those details that are hard to pick up in a normal class. Contact Andréas for more information and availability.


Other Services

Andreas has extensive experience as a manager, organiser and lecturer. Before becoming a full-time dancer, he had a long career in archeology, heading the archaeological unit of the Swedish National Maritime Museums. 

He is the founder and co-organiser of the Bal-Love festival in Prague and for many years, has been coordinating both the competitions and the DJs at the Snowball festival in Stockholm. He has extensive experience judging dance competitions, including sitting on the judging pannels at ILHC and Snowball.

Andreas is an accomplished lecturer, with previous talks focused on dance history and a variety of different dance-related topics.

Contact Andreas for more information.

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Contact Andréas Olsson to book your private today or to ask for more information.

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